Membership Method

Chris Luck Membership Method

Membership Method is a SIMPLE, PROVEN, DUPLICATABLE, IMPLEMENTABLE blueprint to follow. This is nuts-and-bolts… street-level information you can use immediately.

You’ll see how to the master the art of giving people free information online that’s hauled in an average of $11,428 a day. Chris Luck uses this new information for his own products, websites, and funnels. And it works!

He is offering it to you now.

It is the ultimate shortcut. Using the ultimate unfair advantage.

Register Here Now, because this will really change your life. That’s why this new workshop is so unique.

It is backed by 18 years of testing and refining. It is based on “reverse engineering” the operational systems from a $39,989,000 PER MONTH business… then cloned by a Dad from southern Illinois with no office or employees, to the tune of $25 MILLION in sales.

It’s verified by bank statements and live video footage going back to 1999.

You Will DISCOVER The Most Dependable Online Business Model for Passive and Predictable Monthly Recurring Income (like the $39,989,000.00 per month model you’ll see on the workshop) And How You Can Legally Copy It!

Online Learning Sites

There is a massive shift happening online right now and it is quickly approaching and for the few entrepreneurs that are prepared and ready to take action. It is going to be the single biggest opportunity in their lives to really grow their businesses and amass great wealth. Right now, only about one in 10,000 online entrepreneurs are even taking the necessary steps to survive what is coming.

But all of that is about to change because Chris Luck’s training will get you up to speed and ready to exploit this once in a lifetime opportunity. He knows exactly what it is that you need to win and win big over the coming months and the training on the website that this links to, he will give you all of that advice for free.

Chris Luck will teach you the 4 step method he developed to make $11,428 per day. There are numerous ways to make money online, such as Blogging, Drop Shipping, Amazon, Affiliate Marketing, a Social Media Agency, Sell Info Products, Private Label Supplements, YouTuber, Podcasting and much more.

But the Membership Method is the Holy Grail for passive income because your payments are recurring. You can set it and forget it. Welcome to Membership Method.

This website links to a free video lesson that will outline simple steps to a method to create evergreen passive income.

Chris talks about standing in a magazine rack in Barnes and Noble and I coming across an article in Forbes about a woman named Linda Wyman who started a place called She started as a membership site where she taught people things like how to use Microsoft Excel.

Membership Method

Now, if you have never seen it before, imagine Netflix. But instead of movies, it is online education articles.  She mentioned that she had just crossed 2,000,000 monthly members. So out of curiosity Chris went to her membership site to check it out and discovered this at the time she was charging $19.99 to get access to everything, which means her Membership site. teaches people things like how to use Microsoft Excel was raking in over $39 million a month. While Chris was on her membership site poking around, he realized what she built was genius because it was something new.

She she didn’t have sales pages.

She didn’t have sales letters.

She didn’t have sales videos.

She didn’t have sales funnels.

She didn’t have any of that stuff that you hear people say that you have.

The absolute Holy Grail is going to be membership sites. The reason for this is because nothing is as fun and rewarding and exciting as building a membership site and really getting paid every day just to give people free information which Chris is  going to show you how to do.

Chris shows you the steps in the process and explains how to do each one without complex technical knowledge or large amounts of money.

There are two ways to build a business online. There is the hard way. Which is to sell one product. You only get paid once. But membership sites you continue to get paid. Information alone in not enough. You must solve people’s problems.

You find and help people that are looking for help. You simply look at what non-fiction books are bestsellers on Amazon, and select the same subjects that people are already paying money to study.

Then you find the information resources that will solve their problem. Chris shows you how to find information to resell, and he also shows how easy it is to outsource the content creation process.

Chris Luck has a course for you to produce steady passive income. This is a start from scratch system for really building your own membership site that is designed to produce predictable passive income. He explains four proven steps for his system.

Here is the 4 Steps to the Membership Method:

1 How to contact large numbers of people.

2 Find and help people that are looking for help.

3 We will help people we find by providing a product that will solve a problem.

4 Creating a membership site and scheduling weekly content delivery.

Chris shows you how to look for the magic sentence: Guides like this can be added into a paid membership website. You add these to your membership site. You program your membership site to add content once per week. This gives your members fresh content, and search engines love regular content updates.

After that, advertise to a targeted audience on Facebook, and start accumulating recurring payments.

Give people a Free trial before anyone buys it. Marketing studies show that most people who sign up for a free trial keep the membership as a paid subscriber. In addition to liking your product as a motive, you are also using the concept of reciprocity to encourage people to join as a paid member.

Sometimes people are scared when they see step 3. Helping people we find by providing a product that will solve a problem. People think that you must be tech savvy to build a membership site, which used to be like that about 12 years ago when Chris Luck I got started. But now. He has been doing this for a decade and there is thanks to technology finally getting caught up. It is super easy to do now.

The platform Chris uses is called Kajabi.

Kajabi Membership Site

The next step is to create a membership site with an awesome software called Kajabi. This automates everything, and it is super easy to use. Chris shows how to find people who can produce content for you if you do not want to create it.

Kajabi gives you all the tools you need to create online courses and products for your members. The fact that you create a membership page means that you want to foster a sense of community with your members. Regular engagement on your member portals will encourage your member to continue to visit your website. So, look beyond your member platform and be an option to build a community. You will see loyal subscribers who will pay you every month for the rest of their lives.

You can set a Kajabi site in 30 minutes or less. A membership page on the Kajabi makes the onboarding process much easier and more efficient for members than ever before. If you have decided to create a membership page, just do it. With the Membership Method it is as simple as that.

Kajabi does everything.

You can build your membership site.

A few clicks and you can upload your content.

You can process payments.

You can do all your email communication.

If you ever do want to do a sales funnel or a webinar or something to really showcase especially large pieces of content on your membership site, you can do all that.

Ideas For Website Course Content

There is huge growth in online education right now. Build membership site now to catch the trend. You do not have to re-invent the wheel. You can simply use proven methods of membership sites.

Like Steve Jobs with Apple, Think Different, and simply make a better version of an original product.

Chris will give you 100 Proven Business Ideas you can start today with no prior knowledge or experience.

You could have a membership site on fishing, fitness, baking, bodybuilding, couponing, camping, parenting, marketing, or The Secret, for example. You need to make your membership site itself a broad topic and then you can have categories on your membership site that you can build and so that way whenever you want to add a new category, you don’t go out there and build a new business from scratch every time.

Look at Amazon bestsellers to find ideas for website course content. These are subjects that people are already paying money to study.

Outsourcing Content

Now, let’s say you don’t want to create the content from scratch. Another option you have is you can buy content with resell rights. Now all you have to do with this is search Google for your keyword phrase followed by the words resell rights. Then you want to visit the websites that show up and then buy the rights for the content you want to use for your membership site. Chris Luck has been doing this for over 12 years. He says resale rights work really well in big industries that have a lot of content like parenting and weight loss and marketing and Wellness, and self-help things like that.

But if you want to go into a smaller market like let’s say fly fishing. It’s going to be very difficult for you to find content out there with resell rights, because there’s not very much demand because the way the resale rights industry works is that people will pay writers to write the content, but then they don’t sell that content to the consumer. They sell that content to you the entrepreneur, and then you go out there and resell the content. So that’s what resale rights is like.  So, if there’s a market with a lot of demand for content, you’re going to find a lot of content with resell rights, which is great. And if there is a market with not much demand for content, you’re just not going to probably find any content with resale.

Use Google to find audiences and content that is either free or inexpensive.

Here is how this works: you go to Google and you would type in, for instance, parenting resale. And then you would hit Google search. So there ya go!

Online Marketing Trends

In 2020, online shopping grew from 14% of total sales to 27%. That is a ten-year advance in one year. This enormous market offers immense wealth. Online education is booking, and specialty training provides golden niches for you to employ. Huge opportunities are available. There is an abundance of online marketing training. Choose one with a specific process that works, and then will be easy to simply follow the instructions. All you need to do is take action. Chris Luck’s Membership Method delivers simple steps you can do right now with no prior knowledge or experience to create specialty training sites that will give you recurring income.

Evergreen Passive Income

Learn how to make money online with evergreen content. This allows you to monetize the content you can easily get in a variety of ways. Using evergreen content gives you passive income by video courses on Kajabi so clients can solve whatever problems they have. Just like blogs, you can earn passive income from membership sites for selling the content you easily gather.

Let’s start with one of the biggest myth about passive income. People who promote the passive income system will tell you that you will make effortlessly make money while you sleep. This is a misconception. Passive income requires preparation. It is necessary to do the work in advance. You can outsource project, article or video course to streamline your workflow. Chris Luck show you simple and easy to follow steps to make membership sites that will make you rich. It is not hard work, but it will take some effort. Focus on creating evergreen content and make products that are vibrant, trendy and eye-catching.

Passive Income Vs Active Income

Active income refers to the income you receive from an undertaking in which you are always actively involved. It is money earned by work.

Passive income provides you with a financial return without constant active work. It may require initial effort to set it up, but afterward you will make money when you sleep. Buying a house to rent is one example. Passive income should require little or no effort to sustain it.

Passive income is different in that you can earn money without committing yourself every day or not at all. Passive income would be money earned with little or no work or active participation,

The best way I can describe this is that active income is the income from hard work and effort that has been taken recently, while passive income is for me the income that I put into that income a long time ago. The income stream you build up is passive, so it may take time and financial investment for you to establish yourself, but it has the potential to provide you with a passive income. However, it can provide a running, non-active income for years.

Besides earning without work, there are great advantages to having a passive income. Passive income means that regular income can be generated with little or no effort to maintain it. It is the money received that does not require additional efforts to maintain the flow of income after the work is done.

Online Goldmine


With students and educators struggling with online emergency teaching, and many preparing for distance learning this fall, the quality of online education resources has never been more critical. The Membership Method by Chris Luck teaches you how to ride the boom in online education.

The linked video will show you the step-by-step system you can use to produce predictable passive income. You will also get for free:

  • 9 Proven Paths to Building a Successful Business And Making Money Online
  • How to Profit From The Massive Shift Happening With Online Businesses Right Now
  • The $39,989,00 Per Month Blueprint Without Using Sales Videos, Sales Letters, or Sales Funnels
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  • Step-By-Step Start-From-Scratch System For Building Your Own Membership Site

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