Often the simplest things are the best, and when it comes to exercise, walking is the first thing that we learn to do, and probably the best way to torch calories your muscles get toned and improve heart health.

It is a gentle, low-impact form of exercise that is easy and is suitable for people of all ages and most abilities.

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Running just a development, along with swimming and it is considered to explain one of the best and complete physical workouts.

However, excess of anything is bad, run equally prolonged, which is also on uneven surfaces will erode the lower body and knee and joint damage is severe.

Tempo T106 Treadmill

But, with a treadmill you can strive to meet the goals of health and fitness are your most anticipated, due to reduce the adverse effects of walking / running to be ignored. Also, the bad weather and time of day do not affect your plans again.

Choosing the right Motorized Treadmill

It is quite obvious that a motorized treadmill is well worth the extra money because it will save a lot of despair and potential injury. But before buying one keep the following points in mind.

Look for DC motors as AC motors noisier and consume more power.

Runners, make sure the motor power is 3 HP continuous duty horsepower.

Belt thickness should be two-ply because they tend to curl less around the edges and more powerful.

Longer running "deck" will allow a natural step and more comfortable walking.

To walk on your treadmill, 0.5 mph at least 6 mph maximum speed should be enough. But for walking, 0.5 mph at least 8-12 mph is better.