Until now, the lithium-ion battery offers the best power cordless tools in the biz. Point. While better than the alternatives, though, this battery can also be fussy. They can be frustrating and unforgiving, but nevertheless a sensitive temperament, there are some things you can do to keep people well-sided essential accessories.

Incorporate the following tips into your routine to keep your battery work better for longer. You can also purchase lithium vape battery via online sources.

1. Use Your Battery Frequently

All power tool batteries degrade over time and lithium-ion batteries degrade faster during periods of un-used. Thus, often using it and when you're not in the trenches of the project, try to use them at least once every month.

2. Do not Fully Discharge Your Battery

As a rule of thumb, you should always charge the lithium-ion battery you before they fall below 20% fullness, or as soon as you feel a decrease in the performance of your tool.

3. Charge your batteries often

Often charging is good for lithium-ion batteries. Thus, do not hesitate to charge them even when they were only slightly depleted. You may also "top-off" the battery by plopping them into (or turn on) the charger for a few minutes every month.

4. Keep your battery cool and dry

Store and charge your batteries in cool, dry, temperate environments. While the Li-ion batteries prefer to be cool, they definitely do not want to be cold.