Concern for extreme weather conditions causing damage to homes, plus the abolishment of old misconceptions of metal being dull and unattractive has led to homeowners embracing this style of roofing.

Modern, new designs that are versatile and stylish are becoming ever popular as people discover the newfound affordability and safety a metal roof offers. Metal roofing is a fantastic way to save on ‘roofing cost’ (which is also known as ‘prix toiture’ in the French language).

Apart from being highly durable and resistant to the elements, they are highly recommended by insurance companies for their ability to withstand extreme weather. A regular shingle roof may cave in or buckle under pressure, a metal roof will not sustain much damage at all.

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A home with a metal roof is looked upon more favorably from an insurer's point of view as it is less of a risk. This, therefore, translates into reduced premiums over the year, saving the homeowner a lot of money over the long term.

As homes continue to age and roofs wear away, more and more people are opening their eyes to the benefits of replacement roofing of the metal kind. A home is not only seen as more favorable in insurance terms; it is also viewed as being more valuable by a home appraiser.

A house's roof forms a significant portion of a home appraisal equation. Metal roofing is durable and hence adds value to the home, as future homeowners need not think about roof replacement for a while.