According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission study, "submersion incidents involving children usually happen in familiar surroundings. 65% of the accidents occurred in the pool belonging to the child's family."

This research was conducted by the institute say bring the reality of worrying about the pool. That is why every owner should have their own pool safety cover. You can navigate to online resources and find out more information about solar pool covers or pool blankets.

Safety should not be ignored when it comes to residential swimming pools. Cover repayments should be done in a proper way.

When installing the cover, make sure you follow all the instructions, especially when tacking anchor on the pool deck. safety blanket pool should hold the weight of 485 pounds or heavy accumulation of two adults and a child.

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When you are done using the cover, you should keep it in the right place. Removing the cover can be messy and not easy. This is your guide on how to keep your safety pool cover after use:

Step 1: Using your garden hose, remove all the debris on the surface of your pool safety cover. Make sure that you have removed all the dirt, leaves, twigs, and other items caught by the cover.

Step 2: Spread the safety cover pool in the sun. Allow it to dry completely before folding. Then fold the cover in a fan-fold method.

Make sure that the edges of the cover are coated enough to put them in a bag that will be easy. Remove the air inside the cover by tapping the surface. Press the cover until it becomes flat.

Step 3: Place the cover folded inside the bag in which it came. Security swimming pool cover should fit easily into a bag.

Hang the bag in the garage or in the garden area. Letting the water flow. If the bag becomes dry, store them in your storage space.