What makes Italy so special? Italy is a colorful mosaic of the travel experience, a delicious melange of flavors and cultures that offer something for every tourist.

From cosmopolitan culture fans for adventurers, from the serious student of history to socialites, Italy really is a country that serves them all and everyone in between. In case you are planning for Italy tour then check this source: Savour Italy Tours-Your Italy Travel Specialists

Italian cities and the countryside offer a true embarrassment of wealth. You could easily spend months touring the countryside and never see half of what the country has to offer. What brought so many to Bella Italia each year?

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See Historic Italy

Long known as the cradle of Western civilization, the Italian city and countryside is a treasure trove of historical sites. You can walk the Via Appia and felt the weight of centuries drop away as you realize those two thousand years ago, this road was traveling with the soldiers and citizens of the Roman Empire. Visit the Coliseum in Rome, or walk through the town preserved than Pompeii and become part of history.

And of course, there is the Vatican; a walled city within Rome is the home and heart of the Catholic Church, where scholars come to study ancient texts and treasure.

Coming to Italy for Food

Italian food and hospitality are famous worldwide for abundance. A bonanza is a concept that is well understood in the countries of the Mediterranean. A full tour of Italy is a gustatory pleasure because there is no one style of Italian cuisine. Instead, each region of Italy has a unique flavor and the combination taken from local food and food available.