The very first simple idea is to decide and find somebody who can give us the funds. However, we may realize that the idea is far from simple because of the very complex and tough competition going on.

We can follow some suggestions for improving the grant funding process:

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1. 'Visit' grants sources regularly: Identifying and check it on a regular basis. For this, we can pay for subscription or get consultant help.

2. Setting grant review: First set the template for the list of possible grants that you identify while searching, also notify the details and the date of the closing application. The second template is to summarize each grant or program which might be found appropriate for a particular organization.

3. Standardize project planning:  Establishing a project plan template so that your team is completed before any project goes ahead.

4. Do Measurement on a regular basis: Make sure about measurable results to know whether the project really works or not. It should help to compare the actual figures.

5. Communication: Meeting with all the team members on board, consistent communication on grants, and discuss the status of progress. It will make more interesting and creative.

Now by this we can get a regular list of grants, donors and program summary, also know about planned projects, and how the team is working in a progressive and energetic manner.