The road to becoming a successful lawyer requires hard-work, time, determination and discipline. The efforts that you put is going to be the outcome of yourself being called as a successful lawyer. You need to make sure that, as a lawyer, you are providing the best possible service to your client. There are a few ways to become a lawyer. Here’s how.

  1. Degree – Whatever field we choose, it is important to start with completing a degree. However, in the field of becoming a lawyer, a degree is not sufficient as you will need to do some form of specialization in a particular field. For instance; in the course of becoming a successful construction lawyer, you need to learn everything related to the construction law.
  2. Law School – The law school is the second step to becoming a successful construction lawyer. 4 years is the minimum period you will have to spend in a law school. However, the period you serve in law school depends on where you live.
  3. State Bar Exam – The third step in to becoming a construction lawyer is to pass the state bar exam. The duration of this exam is for 18 hours to understand the candidate’s knowledge about the law they have studied.
  4. Review of Character – Experts take time in reviewing whether the candidate has clean reputation with the law. Candidate’s history such as behavior in school, social behavior in general, etc., is also reviewed.
  5. Oath – This is usually the final step of becoming a lawyer where the candidate will be sworn in to take an oath. The oath is taken so that the lawyer follows the law and does not break any rules and regulations.

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