Marriage can be a dangerous path and everyone will doubt their judgment at one time or another. For around 140,000 couples across the UK, divorce is the only solution. As one might expect, statistics show that things usually get worse after the holidays, especially at Christmas, when a divorce lawyer with a good reputation has the phone ringing.

Those who plan to add this divorce attorney in London to their abbreviated number should keep in mind that, on the one hand, no one can get a divorce if they have been married for less than a year and on the other hand, the irreversible breakdown of a marriage can only be proved by establishing one or more of the following facts:

Unreasonable behavior

In England and Wales, unreasonable behavior is the most commonly used fact as a ground for divorce. The petitioner must show that his wife has behaved in a way that does not reasonably have the right to live with her. Common allegations could be, for example, alcoholism or financial heaviness; However, the court will allow a divorce when slight allegations can be made.


This fact, which is rarely used, is where the spouse of the applicant has left them without consent for a period of at least two years.

Separation of 2 years

Where both parties have lived apart at least two years immediately before the petition and they both agreed to divorce. Sometimes the court will accept a period of time in which the parties have lived under one roof but are completely separate.

5-year separation

Where married couples have lived apart for at least five years immediately before filing for divorce, this fact can be used. In these cases, the couple who received the petition did not have to agree to the divorce.