When you hear the words “birth control,” you probably think first of the Pill, but birth control covers a wider range than just that.

There are many methods that a couple can be used to prevent or delay pregnancy. This article will explain the different contraceptive options so you can choose the one that is right for you. If you’re looking for birth control implant services, you can browse various online sources.

 many couples are concerned about their family size as a response to the need for more financially and emotionally prepared for the challenges of having large parent children.

For that reason, contraception has become a serious problem and the need for many couples. But even with all the advances in science and medicine, many are still surprised and overwhelmed by unplanned breeding.

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The reason for this is the lack of information about contraceptive methods and family planning.Here is a list of practical and effective method of contraception that all married couples should be informed of: 1. Th Pill – It is still the best method of birth control is widely accepted.

These are drugs that contain estrogen and progesterone — a hormone that alter how the body works and prevents pregnancy.

Birth control pills suppress ovulation and thickens the cervical mucus around the cervix, making it difficult for sperm to reach the uterus to fertilize an egg.

Some studies show that the use of the so-called combination pills help reduce the risk of ovarian and endometrial cancer.

However, scientific evidence also shows that use of the pill also increases the risk for cervical cancer and liver.