They certainly have their way of keeping you updated with all of these ongoing inventions and upgrades to machines do they not? They have this radio frequency thing that does its jobs well. If you did not know, a radio frequency is this oscillation rate thing of some kind of alternating current which is electricity. It could be magnetic or voltage it does not matter. It ties in well with an RF service monitor.

We have all kinds of things in the world that makes living it a bit easier than back then. Like how we have phones now that can be out in pockets when back then we would have to find the same telephone booths just so we would have a chance of calling someone from far away.

This service monitor is one of the inventions that serve us a greater purpose now. Think of back when the internet was not even so much as a necessity as it is today. Back when it was only a luxury for anyone who can get it. Now, practically everyone and their grandmother uses it and is often in it.

every single day a human is on their phones scrolling through the internet whether it is because of fun stuff like watching videos or maybe being on social media and contacting their relatives and friends from far away. Or just doing some decent jobs and articles or maybe even doing online commissions to get money.

Some of the important meetings can even be done online now without the need of the person to get a ticket and hop on a plane just so they could attend a very important meeting. This goes for all the government people of the CEOs of the world that need to be contacting all the right people to get their jobs running.

That is how much we have changed ever since we have technology and the internet. So this service monitor is not just the only thing that we have made that rants us an easier life. Everything else too. When you think about it, even when you are washing clothes things have changed, right?

To make it obvious, back then we were just washing our clothes with our bare hands. Probably in a lake or a river because there have been no plumbing back then. Now not only do we have plumbing, but also have washing machines.

All we really do is load up the clothes with water and soap, press a button then wait for it to be finished. That is all there is. And when it is done you out it in the dryer so it dries. The next step after that would just be ironing and folding. That is it.

you are basically saving time by having all these helpful stuff that we have been taking for granted for years and years. What is next? Flying cars? We better get Elon Musk to get on that. After all, if he has the time to host Meme Review with Justin Roiland for Pewdiepie, then he can invent the next flying car in the next ten years.